The end of the season.

In this case,
middle school track.

Tuesday was a cool and at times wet afternoon as we stood watching the events of the District track meet.

God blessed our girl as she competed.

She was able to take eighth and second place in the 200 and 400 meters.

Although some of the season was extremely difficult for her,  she was able to rise beyond the circumstances.

As the track meet came to a close my focus was more on the warmth of the car and the meal awaiting me, but our daughter caught my attention.

“Well, it’s over. I won’t run again until next year. ”

For me, next year is way too soon.

For her, it’s an extremely long wait till she can again do something she loves.

How easy it is to focus on my own wants,  desires, needs.

During the entire afternoon I never once prayed for our daughter to be able to make the most of her last track meet.

I prayed for ability to do her best.
I prayed for her to be a good sportsman.
I prayed for her to not be injured.

I left out any thought or concern for how she felt about it all.

As parents it can be easy to view everything from the adult perspective of how the child or children reflect on the parent.

Yet God doesn’t call us to raise our children for how good it makes us look.

He calls us to be the example of Christ to our children; teaching them in the Word and guiding them into lives which are focused on bringing glory to God through daily association and relationship.

To do this means we first have our own personal relationship with Him and secondly to know our children as individuals.

Both of these requires time.

So again I have been reminded to look into,  spend time listening to,  and think about the person who is also our middle daughter.

What does she need today?
How can I bless her?
Where should we go from here?
Does she know she’s loved?
How should I pray for her?

As I seek to answer these questions, I praise God for reminding me,  nothing is wasted when I’m investing in the person who is also our child.


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