Mother’s Day


I know,
I’m very late!

Mother’s Day was Sunday,
and today is Thursday!

Yet there are times to realize a little looking backward is good.

Times when the circumstances are not in sic with the date.

These beautiful roses are a living example for me of God’s goodness and the love of my Mother for me.

Even after all this time it still feels good to know my Mom loves me.

(I don’t think we out grow the need to be loved by our parents.)

Many years ago, when I was a teen,
we needed feed for the livestock and just outside the door of the local feedstore was a little black pot.

It caught my attention more than the other plants and garden items on sale.

I don’t remember what exactly jumped out at me except I knew it was an English rose and I really wanted an English rose for the back flowerbed Mom let me tend.

It was expensive,  $10.

I wasn’t sure if we could stretch the budget for one small plant which would produce nothing eatable or of any commercial value.

Mom understood, she also loves roses.

She smiled and let me add it to the other items we were purchasing.

That same little pot has grown to an enormous size.

It produces beautiful blooms every year which are fragrant enough to stop passersby, encouraging a moment to sniff the plump pink darlings.

Mom has been able to start other roses from the big one.

This year she brought me one in a pot.

I was thrilled!

Just this week she called to ask if it was blooming yet.

Since our house is at a higher elevation I informed her it has buds but not blooms.

She came to school yesterday,
and to my delight and surprise she placed a vase full of roses on my desk.

(Same one as in the picture. )

Not only did her thoughtfulness again remind me that my Mom loves me,
but it also brought to mind Mother’s Day.

I can’t wait for a single day of the year to let my Mom and Mother-in-law know I love and appreciate them.

I need to look for opportunities to love and bless them throughout the year.

I also spent some time thanking the Lord.

“Thank You for my reminder to love my family.
Thank You for the beautiful rose that has brought such joy through so many years.
Thank You for a day set aside to help us thank our Moms.
Thank You for the blessings my Mom has been for a lifetime.

Please,  help each of us to value the women in our lives, whether they are our Mom, our neighbor, sister or friend. Each person is valuable to You. Help me to value them too.”

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