A new day.

And depending on the outlook,
can bring hope of what is to come or,
frustration over what has already occured.

Each day has enough to walk through without dragging yesterday into it.

Yet, our memories don’t stay in the day we reside in but can transport us to any destination upon which we place it.

Or we can create a new by inventing the possibilities of the future and be consumed with the things in tomorrow or next month or next year.

But the promises of God are greater still.

God has no limit in time as we do and He has promised to be with us.

He is able to free us from yesterday and to guide us through tomorrow and still to love us in each moment of today.

As I begin again at the tasks at hand I ponder.

Where would I be if I tried to go it alone?
How desolate I would become if my mind could not depend on the promises of God to help me,  to be my strength, to guide me through another morning into another day.

And I am reminded that there are many who as yet know and understand about my Lord.

Those who feel they have to make it in this world by their own abilities.

And I am stricken with sorrow.

How terribly sad, lonely, and tragic.

So I pray this morning,
for those who are yet to know Jesus,
and I praise Him for His promises,
not just for me,
but for anyone willing to accept them.

What a great God!

What an amazing promise!

4 thoughts on “Promise

  1. Rachel

    Amen sister! How beautiful to realize we are only ever but receivers in relationship to God, and to those not yet in the vine a testimony that God is indeed good. Have a blessed day.


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