I returned from a week long mission trip to Mexico.

I was blessed to travel with our oldest daughter and a high school senior.

It’s too soon to say much.

And it’s too difficult to explain.

Yet I wanted to share a few things I learned.

There are amazing people in Mexico.

I met many wonderful men, women, and children during our stay.

They have problems common to mankind.

There is poverty, there is abuse, there is need; there are all the things which develop from a lack of knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and following God’s Word daily.

God isn’t absent from Mexico.

Many a person was I privileged to get to know, who are working in one way or another to teach, train, and spread the Gospel.

The list doesn’t end at 3.

Yet for now it’s all I’m ready to share.

Because going on a mission trip isn’t a parade and circus.

It isn’t a tournament or event.

It’s actually something which happens in your heart and is a path to know God better as you experience things foreign and uncomfortable.

It’s a journey to understanding God in a new way and it’s being willing to do whatever is necessary to follow Him.

It’s being humble, willing,  open,  honest, and ready to be used by the Lord on His agenda, in His way, for His purposes.

Because it’s not about “showing up” and training others in the right way to do this or that.

It’s about understanding the basic need, for all mankind, is to be loved and valued;  the truth that all require the saving grace of Jesus to release them from the torments of sin; while grasping the gravity of your own behavior being a catalyst or a deterrent to others on the path to Christ.

So, I’m so blessed,  honored, and humbled that the Lord choose to send me.

I’m praying for those we met who are laboring diligently.

And I’m sure there will come other lessons and reflections as my exhausted mind refreshes.

But for now it’s good just to say:

I’ve returned,
yet not unchanged.

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