Counter schedule


The list is long.

The anticipation is building.

And I don’t have time for another detail.

Tomorrow we fly out.

(On a school missions trip!)

Each day this week was scheduled,  organized, planned.

Yet in the back of my mind I kept hearing the Lord whisper.

” Be flexible. ”

Tuesday, I began to see why.

Our children go to tutoring on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

While they were to be working I had a long list of errands.

First was to fill the van with gas as E was passed the needle.

I pull into the crowded station and reach for my purse.

No purse.

I figured it was in the back, so I hop out to open the hatch.

No purse.

Not only am I unable to complete the list for the day, I can’t figure out how I’m going to get back to the house.

I pull out of the line and into a parking spot.

Fear is ready to seize me,
so I pray.

God leads me to open a cubby I don’t use often.

Inside is a check book and I look up to realize I’m sitting in front of the bank.

Praise God!

I text the story to my hubby and walk inside to cash a check.

As I drove to the tutor to wait for the children to finish I find I have 45mins.

So with that time I’m able to pray, to thank God for His grace, to lift up those involved in the trip we are going on as well as those who will be left behind.

So being flexible brought me peace I couldn’t imagine.

It also gave me the opportunity to stretch,
to overcome fear,
to laugh at myself,
and to remember
the things which seem to be
counter to my schedule can be used for good.

Even when I’m the one messing it all up.

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