On the spur of the moment


There are those times,
when you throw off the mundane for the moment.

It can’t become a habit as nothing needed would ever get finished.

It can’t be an often as responsibility and reliability both hinge on following through with the little daily tasks.

It can’t be an excuse applied to circumstances of which one wants to avoid.

Yet upon listening to the soft voice of the Lord,
the spur of the moment can be an amazing gift.

Yesterday it was an unplanned drive to the coast and dinner with relatives.

Last week it was a phone call to a friend in need of encouragement.

Almost six months ago it was a total stranger.

I stood in the checkout line as the women talked quietly and traded shifts.

The older of the two was going home and relating something under her breath which seemed to be very distressing.

I was trying to mind my own business.

I don’t even know when my attention was grabbed by the other woman.

But I heard her say something like:

“My son called me right away this morning, as soon as he realized she was missing. ”

Then she broke down and began to cry softly.

The other checker looked so sad and asked,
“How old is your granddaughter? ”


My mouth went dry,
my heart seemed to be gripped by a weight.

Our middle girl was 14 at the time.

As the lady began to move out of the checkout she stepped near me.

With one hand I reached out gently.

Then words came neither of us expected.

“What is her name?  Can I pray for you and her?”

With arms around each other we bowed our heads and prayed for the return of her granddaughter and peace for the family.

As she moved away tears ran down my cheeks but the smile on her face was worth it.

I know God was the one who stepped in.

It was His spur of the moment which sprinkled into my day the blessings of the ability to love a total stranger.

I returned to the store several times but have yet to ever see the woman again nor did I think to get her name.

But I did learn,
there are moments when the mundane,
(like grocery shopping)
is secondary to the immediate.

And all it takes is listening to the Father and being willing,
to go on the spur of the moment.

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