A skew


Some days just seem,
on edge.

Or perhaps,
it’s my

Or maybe,
it’s my

Or possibly,
a consequence
of living in a fallen world.

Whatever the case,
living in it,

can lead to a

A spark
can lead to a

Fire isn’t always seen,
but the odor of smoke,
almost always,
gives it away.

I had to admit,
the smoke smell,
has been giving me away lately.


I frankly don’t know.

But years ago I heard a pastor say:
“Often we ask the wrong question when faced with a difficult circumstance. We ask God ‘Why?!’ when we should be asking ‘What?’ .  We do not always know the reason but we can always know what course God wants us to take from each circumstance. Even if it is to simply trust Him with it.”

Of course as the odor,
caused me to examine myself,
I realized I haven’t been spending as much time with the Lord as I normally do.

No wonder I am feeling a skew.

Without His Word to wash me,
without His voice to heal and direct me,
I have nothing to give.

Without Jesus,
I am life less.

I’m keeping it short this morning.

I am spending more time with the Lord and His Word.

Yet I encourage you.

The next time you find your day seeming to be a skew,
friction is sending sparks in every direction,
carve out time for the Word and prayer,
then listen for the answer.

“Father,  what would You have me do?”

1 thought on “A skew

  1. krissierose

    I always feel “a skew” when I haven’t spent enough time with the Lord. I have learned that i have to have my time with Him before I even get out of bed. If not then i get to busy with life and forget.


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