I know,
they don’t look like running shoes.

as I strap these on,
it is with the understanding,
that the race is about to begin.

No I’m not running the 100,
200, 400, or longer,
it’s the relay.

I am holding the baton,
and each day I strive to pass it on to the children in my life.

Yet as I run I understand that I won’t really know if they take hold or if they drop it.

Because the baton is a life relationship with Christ and the race is towards eternity.

I can not read the hearts of those I wish to inspire.

I can only pray
and run.

For in this race it’s not about scoring the best time,
it’s about following Christ throughout.

I once heard a radio program where the woman speaking said something like:

How fast you run towards Jesus in your daily life often can be measured by who is running beside you.

She went on to speak about how the slower runner,  only putting in a three quarter effort to run towards Jesus will cause the runner beside them to run with the same passion.

But the runner who is giving the race their all inspires those around them to do the same.

I was convicted.

Was I running with everything I had?


But since then I’ve been working,  training, and looking for running partners who are giving it their all.

And I’ve noticed that as my pace picked up others have been running beside me, looking for the encouragement to run the race.

I look to pass the baton by daily encouraging those around me.

I’m strapping on my heels,
giving the race my all.

Because the Apostle Paul put it perfectly.

“…Run in such a way that you may obtain [the prize].” 1 Cor. 9:24

5 thoughts on “Run

  1. Rachel

    So true Hope, and another reason we must submit to the fellowship God himself chooses us to run beside.


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