Easter–a day to remember


Easter means different things to different people.

Yet the reason our family does things out of the norm is our effort to remember.

The tomb,
it was used but only for a short while.

The cross,
it was brutal and gruesome yet paid for the sin of all mankind.

The trial,
was rigged but the outcome was used by God to bless the world.

The people,
were confused, frustrated, scaried, and angry yet God turned it so that each one might have a chance to be saved.

The MAN,
Jesus was more than a prophet, more than a teacher, more than a good and loving person. He was God’s own Son and He died the death of sinners because only a spotless lamb could be the sacrifice. Only God could live on Earth and never sin. Only He could pay the penalty for all sin. And only Jesus could then rise again, winning over sin and death so none might taste of the penalty if he/she would simply believe.

It seems too easy.

Or perhaps it’s too difficult.

Yet for two thousand years mankind has been wrestling with who this Jesus is and what He did.

Whether you attend services or not,

Whether you choose to eat candy and dress up or you fix the norm and head to work,

Whether you know what the story is or have little knowledge,

Take time this Easter to look into the amazing story of Jesus.

His life,
His ministry,
His trial,
His death and resurrection.

The Gospel of John (18-20) is one of my favorite ways to read the story and remember.

without the knowledge that my sins are paid,
I would be hopeless.

Without the peace in my heart that one day I will see Jesus again,
I’d be down cast.

Without the joy of a home in heaven,
I’d be miserable. 

For this weekend I will remember the story.

Relive all the drama,
praise God,
for what He gave us:

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