Each detail


The tiniest details
amaze me.

I am

Yet stooping
this little flower,
pause in my busy
the moment
of awe,
again impressed me
with how amazing
our God is.

He cares about the tiniest details.

He pays attention to what we feel is insignificant.

He’s aware of my longings,
He meets me in the details of my day.

I have been
my inability to
stay on top
of details.

Running from one activity to the next in a string of days which blur when retold,
has left my children without matching socks,
my husband without planned lunches,
my house in a state of disorder which was appalling,
when I took time to notice.

God cares about my attitudes and actions enough to remind me of scripture when I’m tempted to be frustrated or angry with myself and my family.

Or when I feel like throwing out everything,
just so I don’t have to wash it and put it away,
He speaks clearly of Who He is and reminds me of the importance of self discipline.

My home is only a picture of what my heart could be,
if He were not allowed to attend to the details in me.

Things as small as prayer before breakfast and Bible before bed.

Things as easy as singing while driving and smiling while working.

Things as important as hugs and edifying words to each child both when they do well and when they fail.

How much I learn when I allow God to tend to my details.

I can genuinely say this morning:

“For God is the King of all the earth;
Sing praises with understanding.” Ps. 47:7

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