My Valentine


I know ,
I’m a day late!

I like the saying:
“Better late than never! ”

I came across these two flowers in the yard on Thursday.

I only had a minute between tasks to snap a quick picture on my phone.

Yet their beauty,
their position,
the way they had sprung up struck me.


Because they are side by side.

Not among the others,
not one bigger than the other,
but even.

Both reaching toward the sun.

It makes me think of my Valentine.


(My favorite nickname for my husband.)

I have been blessed to learn a great deal from him.

One of which is to live side by side.

Not pressing against him.

Not straining away from him.

Not stretching past him.

Just living with him.

Which is much harder than it sounds.

Yet being side by side means many things.

Learning how to:

communicate necessities instead of every detail of every moment,

be silent and enjoy just being together,

what is important to him and what needs my attention,

making daily life about being a couple rather than two people sharing a house,
expressing trust by waiting for his opinion or decision rather than jumping in to fix it myself,

placing a guard on my heart and words, to be honoring with my speech toward my husband,

to continually pray for him as a man and to seek God’s will for our walk.

he’s my Valentine.

And he (unlike me) remembered the holiday with flowers and a card.

On it were some of the sweetest words I  have read.

“I can’t imagine a more wonderful woman than you to share this life with. ”


For my Valentine,
I am truly blessed by God.

My sweetheart,
My husband,
My love.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I love you!

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