Lessons from an 8 yr old


Our family was blessed to add a little girl to our family while her parents were overseas.

As the only girl,
with 3 big brothers,
our house was a unique experience for her.

She reminded me of a few things I haven’t thought of lately.

1.) It’s okay to love pink, play dress up and cuddle dollies.
2.) Words are listened to better when spoken softly.
3.) Sisters are a gift, whether born in your family or friends who love deeply.
4.) Never leave behind the ability to dream of happy endings.
5.) Cinderella is the story of every girl: the desire to be loved for the beauty within,  the need to be cherished and valued. (Which each of us finds in Jesus Christ)
6.) No matter the age, a girl can cheer on her friends and family from the sidelines,  because we don’t always get to play.
7.) When our turn comes to join in,  give it all you have and be glad no matter what the score is.
8.) It’s easier to sleep when you are tucked in with a hug and a prayer.
9.) No matter how special it is to visit others, there’s no substitute for family

Next year all our daughters will be teenagers and this small reminder of little-girlhood has been filled with sweet memories and reminders.

My heart has been encouraged to pray for my family all the more.

To cover the children of our area and the friends of our children.

To pray for the little ones who have been denied the childhood of protection, nurture, and understanding.

And to savoir the beauty

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