The beauty in the smallest details.

The whisper of the tree entangled wind.

The moment of assurance that everything will turn out well.


It has been a gift to me from God alone.
The week previous,
held turn-over, chaos, and fear,
but mostly because I allowed my emotions to dictate my reactions which rippled into skewed focus and frustration.

Until the Lord met me.
(I posted that meeting in Tea Time with the Lord.)

This week has been very different.

When two of our teachers had family emergencies in the same day, I was able to smile and say, “don’t worry about the class, it will be covered.”

Because I knew God had it covered.

When our washing machine refused to finish a load of clothes and looked as if it may be out of service for sometime,  the girls jumped in, helping me deal with the mess.

Because they understood it was one of those things which come at the most inconvenient times.

When my husband gets called in to work because the machines are down and he has to go in 2 hrs early and work 4 hrs late to hopefully have it running the following day.

I was blessed to bring him meals and pray for strength, wisdom,  and knowledge.

Because I understood God can guide him through it all.

These were just a few of the waves which rocked our schedule during this week.

The Lord continually reminded me of His desire to be the guide through each and every decision in my day.

I walked in and out of the issues learning this truth in a new way:

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. ” James 4 : 8

True peace is a gift from God and the consequence of a life lived in faith.

How close do you feel?
Will you draw near Him?

If anything, please don’t follow my example of chaos, stress, and fear from the previous week.

Instead place your trust in the Lord Jesus.

“Preserve me, O God: for in You do I put my trust.” Ps. 16:1

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