A puppy


we didn’t get another dog to keep company with the two we already have.

Actually it belongs to friends of ours.

However the picture,
is a lovely fit to a story I read recently and wanted to share.

“Being Chosen

The pet store had a large box full of puppies. Going over and looking in,  I loved each one. I decided to test them by putting my hand into the box. Almost immediately the proud puppy sank its teeth into my hand then jumped back to see what I would do. Then the playful puppy came leaping, squirming, wagging, and even barking, but he never came close to my hand. Afterwards another puppy came over. His eyes were full of fear,  he sidled along the edge of the box. Finally,  he drew courage and wiggled over near my hand. He sniffed it, crouched, wagged his tail, then threw himself on his back. He was so afraid.  I smiled and rubbed his ears. This was the humble puppy and he was begging to be chosen.  I picked him up, knowing he would be going home with me.  There were other puppies in the box, too busy to notice I was there.  The proud puppy and the playful puppy were both angry I had not chosen them, but their hearts would not allow me to. They didn’t want a Master. The puppy I took soon grew and was a great companion. He never left my side,  he quickly learned all my hand signals. If I was away he would wait,  never leaving the place I had left him. His was devotion. He grew old and feeble,  but his heart was loyal.  When he was ready to die I put my hand into his box-bed. He sniffed my hand, I rubbed his ears, he wagged his tail, rolled onto his back and died.” by J.K.

My eyes filled with tears as I read this story and my heart yearned.

I want this to be me.

I want to live a life unto the Lord which is devotion.

I want to be humble and gently and patient.

As I step into another day, I will seek first the Lord.

And my prayer is:
help me be the humble puppy!

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