Stepping backward


I was privileged to watch two toddlers for an entire day recently.

As the morning wore into afternoon,
I began to think about “quiet time”.

When our children were toddlers we tried hard never to miss quiet time.

I was strong in my desire to teach our children how to slow down,
to be able to enjoy a good book,
to rest their tired bodies,
to tell Jesus about their day,
and to learn to listen in the quiet.

So we normally would cuddle on the couch with at least one book I read a loud, then I would tell them it was time to get on their beds and although they didn’t have to sleep, they had to be quiet till the timer went off.

As each of our children grew,
and school became priority,
I tried to hold on to the idea of seeking the Lord but at bedtime and before driving to school.

I still encourage the kids to read but we don’t fit all together on the couch any longer.

They still love the books we read before and the younger ones pick them up but I haven’t read to them in a while.

Normally I read textbooks a loud and instructions and the cookbook.

So I smiled wistfully as I searched the shelves for some of our favorite read a loud books.

I chose a few and cuddled on a chair with a fuzzy blanket and a sweet two year old and stepped backwards into a time I shall always hold precious.

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