I have learned a lesson,
something I would have never have expected.

As a child I was nearly completely unable to play in any sport.

There was a short time I was in track and enjoyed it.

As I grew my opinion of sports dropped significantly.

It seemed a waste of time, money, and effort.

Until I met my husband.

He was and is an athlete.

As our children have grown I have had to concede to being here and there for sports.

Yet gradually I have been learning.

Our children being involved in a sport is far more than the win.

It’s about character.

Growing to learn to handle defeat, pain, comments, inability.

Putting first things first.

Like following through on homework, music, and chores even though they are exhausted from practice or games.

Cheering for your fellow players no matter how much play time you get as an individual.

Being teachable.

Admitting where the weakness is and working hard to improve.

Listening without excuse or argument.

Giving their all and then a little more they didn’t know they had.

I am learning it’s not a waste of time, money,  or effort,
it is used to grow.

Like anything
it can be a tool
or a weapon.

But I am thankful for basketball.

If nothing else,
I’ve learned
a lot!


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