How fitting!

For this new year,
our dear friend called to let us know,
she thinks it will be soon! (She is 9mo. pregnant)

As joy filled my heart,
prayers filled my mind.

Prayer for the new little one.
Prayer for the parents.
Prayer for the toddlers blessed with a new sibling.
Prayer for strength,
and most of all for God’s hand.

Since He created this new sweet baby,
I know He has a plan,
a purpose,
and a desire to be in relationship with him.

Because only God can create life.

Only God can truly see all in store for him.

The same is true for us.

As we look forward to a new year,
let us be guided by Him.

Let us know only His plans are trustworthy.

Only He knows what is ahead.

Only resting on Him daily will guide us into the future, one step at a time.

The only things which will last are the ones worth focusing on, yet even the mundane tasks can have eternal significance.

As you look for the future in the change of the calendar,
may your heart be filled with joy,
and your mind with prayer.

Happy New Year!

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