Finishing well


The year is drawing to a close.

As it approaches the automatic response is to skip forward to next year, or to spend time in reflection.

Yet the last few days between old and new should be alive with the present.

If there was a reminder to live in each day it should be these.


Because as the year changes, the obvious comes into focus.

There is no going back.

Once a day is past, it’s gone.

Once a week has completed, it’s over.

Once the calendar changes, it’s finished.

Since the only change which can occur is in today let’s, value each one, live it.

“I’ll learn to control my temper when…”

“After the holidays I’m going to be sure to drop her a card. ”

“Why start on being organized during all the busy? I’ll get to it right after the New Year.”

Yet it is today which holds the keys to the future.

If we are unwilling to change today, what makes us think we will change tomorrow?

There’s no responsibility in tomorrow.

If some changes are in order,
if you simply know of an area in need,
if an item or two in your heart is pressing,
finish 2014 well,
by dealing with it today.

each moment because today is all you have
those around you more than yourself because they too are created by God and He died for each and every one
but not at others, instead include people in your life and love and you might suddenly find laughter is so much sweeter when shared.

Most of all,
be thankful.

Today is really a gift.

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