Why is it important to pray?

At times it’s so difficult to feel  the need to pray.

Yet the Bible commands us to pray and not for show,
not for ritual,
not out of terror of an angry deity,
but because it is a chance to build.

“Why does God want us to pray for others if He already knows what is going on and already has a plan for what He is going to do? What is the reason He wants you to pray?”

The little voice from the back seat queried.

“Because it is in His heart to have us come along side Him in what He is doing. It builds love in us for those we pray for. It builds character in us as we spend time thinking and caring about someone else. It builds faith and relationship with the Lord as we see Him work.”  The Mommy driving the car replied.

Opportunity is lost when prayer is over looked.

Joy all come out of time spent in prayer.

The ability to simply pour out one’s troubles into the comforting arms of the Almighty is a blessing not to be missed.

Prayer is as vital to the health of one’s spirit as water to a potted plant.

If it is over looked a day or two things might look fine,
but over a week or more and withering will begin.

The soul will feel dry,
attitudes will wilt,
perspective narrows and rolls in on it’s self.

In contrast a life bathed in prayer can grow,
produce fruit.

a habit of time spent with the Father,
will renew,
in ways
nothing else can.


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