How does one pray?

At times the simplest of questions can be complicated.

To have a conversation with the Creator of the universe, it seems logical there would be some code and in what manner the conversation can take place and what is expected from the person wanting, seeking,  asking.

After all one wouldn’t walk up to the President and just begin talking as if he were Joe the next door neighbor.

Yet our God wants us to be real with Him.

Jesus told the disciples not to pray long fluffy prayers in front of others or the ones made of words spoken over and over because it was all done for the
“show” or the expectation that praying a certain way would get results.

God knows us better than we know ourselves.

He even knows what we need better than you or I.

Yet He asks us to speak with Him when needs arise.

He warns us there are things we can do to stop the conversation between our hearts and His ear.

Yet it is not because He wants communication to end.

It’s like a cell phone, if you step outside the area of signal, your call is cut off and the conversation is over.

When we choose to sin we are stepping outside the signal, allowing our hearts to grow hard,  it cuts our ability to listen,  to hear the gentle voice of the Lord, or to see His hand in our everyday.

Thus to pray means to communicate with God, understanding Who He is, while confessing anything that might block our ability to listen and being real.
Not worrying about the fanciest words or the smoothest recital of the needs or wants or fears, not using many repeated words, as if to grease the lock so this prayer will be answered.

(Unless you’re pouring out your heart and all you can do is repeat yourself, which is entirely different. )

But realizing the opportunity is for the building of a relationship.

By all means share with God the things which worry or upset you but move on into seeking Him on behalf of others, ask for He’s teaching through the Scriptures, through circumstances, through others around you.

Talk with Him about your desires, give Him the opportunity to speak with you about your dreams,  lean on His counsel for relationships,  chat with Him about the things you would share with a friend, understand the “praying without ceasing” Paul spoke of.

However it is much harder to do than it sounds.

The words and noise of the everyday every moment come crashing in and cause it to be so difficult.

I am sure that is why Jesus often went away to pray.

It may sound silly and feel awkward but getting alone, in the quiet is often an ideal way to communicate with the Lord.

There’s very little about this life which is more important than spending time with God.

After all we were created by Him.

To ignore the relationship He wants with us, each of us,  is a sad opportunity lost.

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