Time for a chat


Nearly every teacher has at least one.

The student who struggles to realize when the time to “chat” is and when it isn’t.

As an effort to train this student,
“Not now” can be an easy answer.

In my own effort to train one of my students I often say,
“Does this have anything to do with the subject we are studying?”

If I receive a sheepish shake of the head I smile and move on with whatever I was teaching.

Yet today something different occured.

The student had everything completed,  there was a few minutes till break,
and I simply allowed the student to chat with me.

I was amazed at how fast the words came.

As the child realized the permission to share with me had been given, the intensity of getting all the information out increased.

I doubt everything was shared but I learned something.

This student needed to share with me because it helped them to feel connected.

It is true with my own children.

Listening to the same story over and over again.

Are all a chance to connect.

We have a funny thing of quoting movie lines.

Since texting has added another depth to our conversations we at times text these little lines to one another.

But the times of chatting include moments of truth.

Since our children were small we have striven to be truthful about the circumstances and sins of our lives.

Always looking for opportunities to uphold the name of Jesus, even in times of trial and never breeding fear or worry with things too weighty for the maturity of the child.

Yet honesty has been what we have striven to maintain.

“Why is Mommy so sick?”

“Mommy is going to have a baby. ”

“How does the baby get in Mommy?”

“Jesus created the baby by using both Mommy and Daddy to make a new person who will be your sister or brother.”

“I want a brother.”

“God knows exactly what He is doing and we need to trust Him. No matter if you get a brother or sister they will be a blessing.”

Of course the questions got tougher with age.

“Mom, what is wrong with you?  I,  I mean your clothes in the laundry, there’s something on your panties…”

“Yes, you are right.  God created woman to be able to have children and the process of going from a girl to a woman means the body must change. It’s called menstruation and it simply is the body preparing to carry a baby. However, if I don’t get pregnant during the cycle my body has to clean out and start over. Yours will do the same thing when it is time.”

“Uhg! I don’t think I want to!”


“Nope. Neither did I. But remember, it’s the way God made us and the chance to be a Mommy is worth it.”


As the questions range from how to handle peers to why the earth has evil and brokenness, I continually grow ever thankful.

Thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to speak with our children.

Thankful to hear from their hearts.

Thankful to have the ability to “chat” or discuss the weighty topics.

Most of all thankful for the ways our conversations stretch and grow us.

To be honest is an honor.

But comes at a high price.

It means humbly asking for forgiveness.

Openly sharing of the struggles and trials.

Continually putting aside the desire for self and putting in the time to love.

through listening
to the


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