Just a thorn

“It’s just a little thorn.”

A well worn phrase.

Commonly used to infer someone making a big deal over something insignificant.

Yet the meaning changes when read in the Scriptures.

” Therefore I also said,  ‘I will not drive them out before you;  but they shall be thorns in your side,…'” Judges 2:30

God is speaking to the Israelites.

He spoke clearly.

He had warned the people how to handle the inhabitants of the Promised Land, get rid of them completely.

Yet the Israelites had not followed through.

Disobedience was costly.

The people the Israelites had left would continually be a thorn in their sides.

In this case something or someone who seemed insignificant actually were to become a terrible trial.

How can this be applied to today?

Seeking the Lord,
looking inward,
and asking
“What things in my heart are thorns?”
“Is there any place I have failed to obey?”


Because the smallest puncture can become infection.

The smallest sin can grow into bondage.

The tiniest rebellion can harden the heart.

But God is ever willing to soften those who listen,
to heal the infected,
to guide the meek and humble.

“Then I will give them one heart,  and put a new spirit within them, and take the stony heart out of their flesh, and give them a heart of flesh.” Ezekiel 11:19


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