Growing together


Photographs are often insufficient to give the entire view.

On a walk recently,
I came across these trees.

Each tree had obviously grown up close to the other,
their branches stretching toward the light,
their trunks almost hugging.

Then it struck me.

One tree was a  Douglas Fir and the other a Madrone.

Madrone trees are common.

They are a hard wood tree with smooth bark which curls off in red stripes leaving the lighter wood visible.

Douglas Fir are common.

The tree, named for our area, are a major part of the lumber industry of our county and state.

Being a softer wood it is used to make building materials which are then shipped all over the world.

How had these two grown together in such a way that both had what was needed to survive?

The question turned.

How do two people live close together with as many differences (or possibly more) grow together in such a way that both have what is needed to survive?

The answer was obvious.


As I studied these two trees I noticed the Douglas Fir had only a few branches, thin and whispy, on the side the Madrone grew.

Madrone do not grow as tall or as quickly as fir, yet this one was tall for its diameter and had obviously grown in such a way as to reach the sun.

It has prospered in the area more light was reached.

The trunk of the Madrone had bent around the fir to be able to grow towards the light.

As a wife I have learned that my ability to love and care for my husband truly depends on my time spent in the Son.

Only in prayer and patience and growth in the Word have I learned to grow towards my husband.

Does he do the same for me?


But I can’t wait for him to move to allow more light in my life, I have to choose to do so, to stretch,  to reach for God’s Word and let it grow and strengthen me.

Just like God created these trees and the ability to adjust, so He has given me  life, completely suppling all my needs, not just physical, but spiritual, emotional, and mental.

In a marriage it takes a level of trust,
love, kindness, forgiveness, and selflessness to grow together which can only come from God.

Yes, there are people who are able to make a marriage survive who don’t know the Father.

However, I have never seen one that worked into a perfectly harmonious relationship without God’s hand.

God gives us the blueprint for marriage in how He loves us.

He is long suffering.

He is forgiving.

He is a comfort and guide.

He’s more…

So as I looked at these two trees,
growing up,
nearly wrapped around each other,
I thanked God for marriage.

I thanked Him for all I have learned through living with my husband.

I thanked Him for guiding me, stretching me, growing me, and
holding me up.

I thanked Him for being the Creator,
the water  which replenishes my soul,
and the
which gives me life.

1 thought on “Growing together

  1. Rachel

    A beautiful thought Hope. Only God! I have a similar pair of trees here a Douglas fir and an oak, I was amazed that there was one trunk and two different species grown together, a good illustration of a marriage as you observed. Blessings sister.


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