The program


A few hours of work,
some cardboard,
paper hats and feathers,
even a wooden sword,
and lots of effort.

Our play or short program was today.

Parents, friends, and teachers were in the crowd.

People jumped in to help wherever the needs arose.

Our makeshift costumes and curtain all went together to help with the play.

Of course there was some confusion as to who was and wasn’t supposed to be on stage.

One child muffled their line a bit.

Another said a line that belonged to his cousin.

Our narrator was brave and read without a microphone.

Our children were nervous but happy when all finished.

It was a success.

Not because it was perfect.
Not because we were polished (we only had 2 practices).
Not because we were cheered at the conclusion.

It was a success because we gave it our best,
we cared about each other,
we helped the next fellow whenever there was misunderstanding,
and we gave God the glory.

Afterwards we cleaned up, let the kids run outside while we setup tables and chairs.

The kids watched a cartoon version of the same story.

The teachers had prepared a lovely Thanksgiving meal which we all enjoyed.

Then we cleaned up for the second time and went home.

Hopefully the children learned something about our history.

Prayerfully there will be glowing reports around the dinner table tonight.

Most of all,
Thanksgiving was more than gluttony.

The pilgrims were more than person- less dates and facts.

And it was worth the extra.


The little fun things,
are often the ones remembered.

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