I’m writing a play


Extra reading
Consider the actors
Consider the audience

That is what I am doing.


Because we decided Thanksgiving is a lot more than “Turkey Day”.

Because we want our kids to realize what founding a nation cost.

Because walking in someone else’s shoes can teach in ways studying never does.

So I am writing a play.

I want it to be fun, educational, and real.

Yes, we will only have a cardboard boat.

Yes, we will have paper feathers and all the “Indians” (Native Americans) will be in jeans and T-shirts.

Our ocean will only be blue fabric.

But prayerfully,
the students will learn,
the parents and teachers present will be blessed,
and God will be glorified.

For the story of the pilgrims can’t be read without understanding that God had guided and provided for them.

There was loss and death but there was also provision and life.

The words of those men speak for themselves.

“Good Friend:
    As we cannot but account it an extraordinary blessing of God in directing our course for these parts, after we came out of our native country,  for that we had comforts we received by the benefit of one of the most healthful, and most fruitful parts of the world;” Mourt’s Relation

It was apparent to them God was in control.

Our children need to realize God will provide.

He provided for the Israelites,
fourty years in the desert.

He provided for the pilgrims,
carving a livelihood from the wilderness.

He will provide for them as well.

Like the Israelites were depending on Him to give them bread, water, and a new home;

Like the pilgrims were depending on Him to guide them to the land they could cultivate and build on;

I want our children to know they can and should seek the Lord’s will for their lives and then depend wholly on Him to provide all their needs.

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