This is a very precious photograph.

It was taken by my Mom-in-law.

It was during a BBQ at our house.

I have always loved it.

As time has gone on,
it has grown more dear to my heart.

partly because our first born is way past the baby stage.

because two of the people in the picture are gone,
no longer residents of earth.

My father was killed in an accident,
not long after the picture was taken.

The boy on Papa ‘ s knee,
our nephew,
was killed in an accident,
just a few years ago.

Although we will always miss them.
Although it can sometimes still hurt.

The picture sits in our living room, because of something bigger than either hurt or sorrow.


We will always love them.
We will always remember them.
And no matter what,
it was better than not having them as part of our lives.

I was listening to our Bible teacher,
discussing the fact,
God is a god of order and not chaos.

He said,
” Look around,  what do you see in the world?  Death, hunger, and a mess, but God didn’t create it to be so. We have made it this way. ”

He went on to speak of personal responsibility and begin able to be mature enough to realize we each need to be looking to the Lord for what He would have us work on.

It struck me.

God didn’t create us to die.

We chose to do that ourselves.

How sad.

Yet there’s still hope.

Jesus gives us all another chance to defeat death when He died.

And He gives us the strength to endure the chaos.

Because life on earth is not the end.

Since I have hope of seeing our family again I can keep their picture in our living room.

Reminding me of the joy of knowing them.
Reminding me to live each day loving those in my life, because time is precious.
Reminding me of a future date with Jesus.

I know people will think I’m crazy but once in a while,
I glance at the photograph,
and whisper:
“Jesus, say ‘Hi’ to Dad for me.”

Because some day death will no longer be the end.

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