Another side of Trust


Small sketches,
can work together to create art.

Just like God can take small pieces of trust and weave them into a fabric of a quiet and strong character.

In prayer this morning the Father reminded me of circumstances which as I was walking through them seemed to be disaster.

Yet as I looked at the memories I was able to see the outcome for good in my life.

So many things have been used to teach me how to trust God.

Yet the lessons are just beginning.

I was seeking the Lord for a circumstance I know will need to be dealt with today,
yet instead of giving me the formula for dealing with it the Lord spoke with,

“Trust Me.”

That was all.
And I know it will be enough.

For the longer I read the Bible.
The longer I walk with the Lord.
The more I realize how in control He is and how little I can see or understand the true workings of this life.

For many years ago I said,
“if God has to allow me to break my arm to teach me something,  then I want it.”
Not because God wants to hurt me but because I realize what a stubborn and difficult,  stiff necked person I am. And I know God wants to teach me.

In my statement I was giving myself over to personal loss for spiritual gain.

And the same is true for today.

So what circumstances come,
whatever I may need to give up, my day belongs to God,
(He created it in the first place)
and I will trust

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