Mud pie


Our youngest girl and her best friend made this.

They were excited it turned out so nice and brought it in to show me.

As a child I too made mud pies and cakes, none turned out so nice as this.

My fellow baker was always my sister, my best friend.

I don’t remember bringing our creations to Mom but I’m sure we did.

Two things which occurred to me as I thought about mud pies.

First is childhood is practice.

Children practice playing “Mommy” with a doll or two.

They practice cooking with toy kitchens, pots and pans.

Little boys play detective or hunting or practice their athletic abilities.

Blocks are early roads and skyscrapers and bridges.

Often it is in childhood where play brings out the desires or talents of the individual, giving them a corse for the future.

The other part of mud pies that struck me was bringing the “best” to be shown for approval.

Neither of these childhood traits vanish at adulthood.

We still look for approval from our boss, our spouse, our friends,  our family.

We practice the daily grind hoping to find the best recipe, or technology to make our everyday better, cleaner, faster, or more impressive than before.

We strive to live and hope someone will say “Nice job”.

Because, just like our children,  we need to feel loved.
We need to feel valued.
We need to be precious to someone.

And we are.

“For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son. That whosoever believed in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

A Snoodle’s Tale is a Veggie Tale and one of the best ways I have ever seen to express the way God looks at His creation and how we often see ourselves. The little Snoodle feels hopeless to ever find another who would affirm who he is and that he has value,  until he meets the Creator. Then he’s sent back to the others to let them know just how valuable they really are.

The next time you create something,  whether mud pie or sand castle or sky scraper, remember there’s a Father who is loving and wants to say “good job”.

He’s aware of each detail of your life and is interested in it all.

Best of all,
He’s waiting for the chance to guide our creations, to help us with the everyday.
We simply have to listen for His voice, look to His word, and practice.

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