Tire swing


This is a gift from a friend of ours to the kids but especially our boy.

We’ve had it only a short time and it has been played with extensively.

It is part of a plan to build a place near our house.

Since the spring I have been praying for a playfort for our son.

Both of us would like it to have a slide and a rope ladder.

As an extra he mentioned a tire swing.

At various times over the summer it looked like the idea was going to be able to happen.

As life goes, it didn’t.

Instead we traveled.
Fixed our plumbing under the house.
Replaced the water line.

Yet neither our son nor I have given up on the idea.

Instead, I keep praying.

Not the kind of prayer to nag the Father into my plans.

Just a simple, “Father, how would You like me to proceed with this? Please help me to watch for Your timing.”

I don’t expect to nag God into anything nor would I want to.

His plans are far above mine.

I don’t want anything for myself or our family which doesn’t line up with His plans for us.

Instead, I try to continue to listen and be ready when He says,  “today”.

And I am always surprised when things work out so smoothly.

(For they always do when I am not trying to force the issue.)

Just like the tire swing.

We were visiting friends.

Just chatting and watching the children play together.

I happened to mention that our son wanted a tire swing.

The next thing I know our friend is cutting a large hole in an old tire and loading it in our vehicle for me.

We hung it the next day.

It reminds me of God.

His timing is perfect.

His ways are best.

He even cares for the small things.

Even down to one little boy
and a tire swing.
So dear reader,
I ask what are you waiting on the Lord for?  How are you seeking His face?  Are you trying to force any part or measure?  Are you able to wait and watch for His plan? Lastly, is it His plan for you or something you have decided?  Are you willing to give it up so you can have His plan for your life?

I pray that you are able to see Christ’s path for your life and to answer these questions from a heart of love and trust.


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