Just pretty


What is it about a “little bit” of pretty?

The sun as it crests the sky in colors of gold, silver, and purple.

Mist on the mountains.

Snow on the hills.

So many things can be enhanced by a little bit of “pretty”.

A vase of flowers on the kitchen table.

Colorful pillows atop a bed.

Fringe on a jacket.

A photograph on the desk.

A smile on a stranger.

“Pretty” doesn’t have to be fussy.

“Pretty” can be simple and modest.

“Pretty” is the gentle caress of loving words,
the kindness of a thoughtful act,
the humbleness of courtesy,
the sweetness of a caring heart.

At least these things are “pretty” of the heart.

I love the line from Corrie Ten Boom’s book:
“Short, immensely fat, head bald as a Holland cheese, he was so wall-eyed that you were never quite sure whether he was looking at you or someone else and as kind and generous as he was fearsome to look at.”

How much is missed when the definition of pretty is only an outward standard of physical attractions.

Adding a touch here and there to bring the “pretty” is worthwhile.

Put a vase of flowers on the kitchen table.

A photograph of the family on your desk.

Add a smile for a stranger and see the “pretty” bud out around you.


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