“I kept at it!”


“It was hard Mom, but I wasn’t going to let it go! I kept at it!”

How sweet the rewards when the effort was more than bargained for.

How precious to listen to the triumph in his small voice relating how he caught his first salmon.

Yet how easy it could have been to give up.

Jase has a communication disorder which has caused years of struggles because communicating is in every facet of life.

Yet each morning he wakes up to try again to understand the world he lives in and to help us understand him.

Yesterday he took a hearing test because a previous one had shown a loss.

Afterwards the doctor explained his hearing was perfect however he seems to be struggling with processing what he hears. He went on to explain it to be a problem with the brain not getting the signals where they are processed properly. Then he discussed the fact that there isn’t a medical solution. The parents simply have to adjust to the child. He ended with the fact that the children do grow out of it but it can take till the late teens.

While in town we stopped by the grocery store.

Jase looked up at me and said:
“Mom, what kind of food helps the brain?”

I smiled.

He’s still not giving up,

For perseverance is a gift from God to help us walk daily in the world.

It takes effort and a choice to follow through no matter what.

But for the child of God it is a must.

In the book of 1st Peter perseverance is to be placed in the tool box of faith along with virtue, knowledge, self control, godliness, brotherly kindness, and love. 1Pet. 1:5-8

In preparation for another day,
which will hold it’s own trouble, (Matt. 6:34)
I pray for perseverance.

Sometimes I believe the children in my life are not for me to teach,
as much as for God to use,
to teach me.


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