The tiniest items in nature hold detailed parts and pieces.

One handful of sand holds a variety of shades and shapes.

Even identical twins have different finger prints, personalities, and desires, yet those details work into who the person is.

Study any of the sciences and details pop out everywhere.

Cooking requires detailed instructions.
Sewing requires finishing each edge and attending to every button.

Even operating a car requires details.
How fast is safe?
How much fuel and oil is required?
What insurance or taxes have to be paid? 
What controls operate the wipers, horn, seat position?

If life is filled with details,  notice should be given to them in each section of life.

Yet how often are details missed in relationships?

It takes effort, time, and love to work with another.

To polish a relationship simply because the details are an important factor in who they are. Knowing them causes loving them to become more.

When training and guiding children the details of their prespectives, personalities, and strengths are essential.

These details of life are not missed by the Father. Matt. 10: 28-31

Yet how easy it is to ignore His prespective on the people in our lives, the priorities, and even of ourselves.

To ignore the details would mean to miss the vital.

To ignore the Maker of each detail would be to miss an opportunity.

which details will you be focusing on today?

Include the Father’s perspective and see what fruit He brings out in the littlest of details.


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