Something old


History has always had a flavor of interest for me.

As a child my parents took us to museums, art galleries, old missions along the California coast, and any other areas of history they could find.

My view of the world I live in has benefited from the extra hours of looking back through the struggles and success of others.

Whenever possible I have striven to expand my children’s experience by turning to the old, antique,  and things of another era.

It hasn’t always been pleasant.

The time we stood in an air museum and our oldest, who was 10 at the time asked about a plane the Japanese used during World War II.

“Why were they flying the planes into the ships? How did they get out of the planes before they hit?”

The answer was tougher than we had expected.

Yet we learned a lesson.

Even the ugly awful truths of the past can be learned from.

But it takes honesty to admit them.

Especially when it is ugly in our own past.

I had a “heart to heart” with our oldest yesterday and during it I was explaining why her Dad and I feel so strongly about a particular circumstance.

In doing so I had to remind her of a choice her Dad and I made when we were young and neither of us are proud of.

Despite our convictions of following the Bible we chose to ignore it when it came to boundaries within our relationship.

We built our time together on feelings and physical attractions instead of getting to know each other. Learning how to best serve the other.

We were both selfish.

Looking out for our needs, wants, desires.

So after a few months of dating I turned up pregnant with her.

But God stepped in.

He has forgiven us of our wrong and turned us into people who desperately love each other.

But the consequences of our sin still had to be dealt with and we had to repent.

She listened and understood.

I squeezed her hand and urged her to read the Bible looking for the answers to her questions.

And in my own heart I think of 1 John 3:1a “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! “

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