little Blessings


Last week was the first week of school.

One of my students made this for me.

She also wrote a journal entry about it.

Which went something like:

“This is a beautiful necklace.
I made this beautiful necklace.
I made this beautiful necklace for you!
I hope you can wear this beautiful necklace, because I made it for you.”

I promised to wear the “beautiful necklace” to school the next day since I already was wearing a necklace.

Broad smile.

At the end of the day she walked over to me.

“Don’t forget. Wear my necklace tomorrow! ”

I assured her I would.

Her little face was so sweet when she saw me wearing the “bea-u-tiful necklace” the next morning.

And I am wearing it again today.

It has been a week since I wore it.

What prompted the donning of the “beautiful necklace”?

Don’t I feel a little childish?

Does it really match the heals and skirt?

Won’t I just be drawing special attention to a gift encouraging others to give things so they can receive special attention?

Each time I receive a gift from a student I give the item special attention. 

If it is a drawing it hangs on my wall.
If it is food I take a bite while they are near and comment on it. “Yummy! ”
Because with a gift they are saying they love me and are looking for love in return.

I love all my students, not just the ones who give gifts.

But because each and every one is a little Blessing.

Each and every one has a gift and a purpose God has bestowed.

Each one has the finger prints of the Lord,  Who fashioned them in their mother’s womb.

How can I do anything less than love them?

In loving it can mean doing something others might not understand.

Like wearing the “beautiful necklace”.

However I know there’s a little blessing in my classroom who will understand

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