A little “anger” anyone?


This isn’t what we eat every day.

Looking at the variety of foods served was a great picture of what the Lord has been speaking with me about.

As I walk through a typical day I place things out for my family.

Taxi services
Maid services

But I noticed over the weekend that a dish I wasn’t intending to serve appeared.


First it was the “running late” excuse.

Then the “I am tired of the mess” excuse.

After those I served anger with a side of “I don’t know why but I’m cranky” along with a helping of “leave me alone for a while”.

It was the last serving of anger which caused me to stop and think about the anger.

Long ago the Lord showed me anger is not to be used as a tool against others.

Instead it is a signal light which is warning us of something.

Anger can be warning of sin or dangerous behavior in those around.

Anger can be the warning of hurt that has corroded into bitterness.

Anger can be the mask for unresolved sin in my own heart, something I am blind to in myself but very conscious of in others.

An hour of prayer helped.

The Lord showed me that in this case I was serving anger to those around me because I was scared about 2 circumstances in our lives,

(I still am working on trust.)

and I was feeling sorry for myself in regards to a different circumstance.


I repented.

And the Lord said to me,
” The problem is sweetheart, you can not see how I am using this for your good.”

Too true!

So before I head out the door this morning I am renewed.

Not because I have the answers.
Not because my circumstances have changed.

Because I can serve my family the dishes we love best and replace”anger” with “joy”.

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