Ever have those moments when you realize how wrong you were?

This is my husband’s guitar.

When we were married it only took about 2 months for me to decide that hunting and fishing weren’t as neat as I had originally thought.

In fact I started to hate my husband’s guns as if they were my rival.

Thankfully we were able to come to some decisions about how our time was used that helped me change my opinions.

5 years later my husband mentioned to me he really wanted a guitar.

I laughed.

The guy whose existence was in the woods or on the water!

What would you do with it?

“I really want to learn to play music. ”


But what I meant was: Yeah right! It would sit in the corner and be one more thing I would have to deal with!  What a waste of money.

(I’m being honest!  This is how I felt.)

As I prayed for my husband I kept remembering what he said.

Finally I got off my high horse and called our pastor and asked about how and where to get a guitar explaining about my husband’s desire.

Our pastor was so excited and he called his grandfather long distance to ask an expert what would be best. Then gets on the Internet and calls me back wanting to know if I had a credit card he could buy the exact guitar, case, and a beginner lesson book for a really good deal.



No, I don’t have one.

At this juncture my sister in law pipes up wanting to know what is happening.

(She had randomly dropped over for a visit. )

The next thing I know she’s on the phone and my husband is getting a guitar for Christmas from me!

That Christmas I spent in the hospital because our daughter was born that morning.

(That’s another story! )

But how surprised I was to see my husband’s reaction.

He brought the guitar and played the first song in the book to me.

In fact he became well known in our ward because he played his guitar every day.

We went home and he played it everyday after work.

He is still playing guitar.

We upgraded and got him a nicer one.

He even learned the electric guitar.

Then he taught our oldest to play.

Now she sings and plays worship at our school for Bible class.

She even writes her own music.

And I shake my head.

How wrong I was!
How close my opinions came to smashing a wonderful gift.
How foolish to think I knew my husband better than he knows himself.

How wonderful God is to use such a small thing!
How glad I am the Father continued to press on my heart about the guitar.
How thankful I am to those who helped me along the way.

I still giggle when thinking about when we were in the same hospital after our son was delivered.

My husband was softly playing his guitar and singing to our son.

The nurse walked in towards me.

Wheeled around and said in a surprised tone,
“Wow! You’ve really improved from the last time you were here!”


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