Praise the Lord

Fall is often when I think of this.

Not that other seasons lack color.

(Spring is my favorite as flowers are everywhere, even the trees.)

But there’s something so striking about the green landscape being charged with yellow, red, and orange.

And I am thankful for the variety of beautiful!

And I ponder the beauty in nature.

There’s a movie about a girl who wants to find herself and she works in a magical toy store (Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium).

When the owner of the toy store “departs” everything inside the store turns grey.

After the girl shows a little boy how to play with a toy, the toy returns to its original color.

A parallel to real life.

When God created the earth and every living thing it was good.

But after sin the good was washed over by the ugly grey of selfishness.

But when one comes to Christ Jesus and accepts His payment for their debt, He restores the color to the soul.

He also shows us how to be used by Him to bless others, that they too may return to their own color.

So as I watch the leaves turn.

As I think about His continual restoration of my heart.

I can say,
“Praise the Lord for color!


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