How each of us views the world a different way.

Something funny to one person can be hurtful to another.

A smile from one person means something very different from another.


We even have the word “normal” in our vocabulary.

Is there such a thing when it comes to people?

From a distance we can seem to be similar.

But get close up and the variety of different  is incredible.

Take my family.

We have 4 children.

Two are right handed,  two are left.

Two have blue eyes, two have brown.

Yes, my husband is lefthanded and I am right handed.  But he has green eyes and I have brown.

We both have brown hair, yet our middle girl is blonde.

Just in the case of 6 people there’s an amazing variety.

So am I going to say, “We need to throw away conformity! ”


Conformity when following what is right and wrong is good and healthy.

As long as those rules for right and wrong follow the Biblical standard.

(No, I don’t mean stop eating bacon. I mean we should be honoring God by following the 10 Commandments to the best of our ability and repenting when we break one.)

But when it comes to dealing with each other we need to be mindful of the facts that we are all different.





So next time you are feeling out of place,
remember the verse in Psalms.

“I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. ”

He made you.
He loves you.
He has a plan just


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