IMG_0559Like trying to read part of this sign sometimes things just go wrong. (I can’t speak or read Welsh.)

It began with getting in at 12:30pm and getting up at 5:30am.

Getting dressed in the dark actually went better than expected and packing lunch managed to go together smoothly.

Somehow after kissing my hubby goodbye for the day things began to unravel.

The first batch of bacon fried fine but the second batch burnt to a crisp.

No problem, turn down the heat, try again.

Next batch is fine.

Batch number four is worse than #2.


Because the toilet decided to back-up and while I was fixing that…the bacon fried!

After throwing them away, I began to try to salvage the fry pan but the black marks on the bottom were increasing as I scraped at the burn. Puzzled I scrapped harder.

Then I grasp what the problem is.

The marks were due to the black plastic spatula I was using.

It had melted to the bottom of the pan and with each scrub I was decreasing the size of it.


I set it aside to cool off.

The trash needs to be taken out.

(Two pans of burnt bacon doesn’t smell nice!)

So I pull the bag and tie it, because I don’t want to leave the eggs I started in another pan.

Little bodies are still in need of breakfast.

I get everyone’s eggs cooked and serve with the non-burnt bacon.

I grab the trash bag to take it out and…

It has leaked something all over the floor.

The something has an odor–a really bad odor–a really really bad odor!

So I grab a metal bowl to hold under the bag and carry the entire thing to the can.

Come back to mop the floor.

“Can I have some orange juice?”

“Do you have any cookies?”

The little boys I am minding are not familiar enough with me to know when I am getting frustrated!

I smile and shake my head.

Sorry, not right now. I have to clean the kitchen.

I sweep the rest of the floor so I can mop, the entire thing.

No, I am not being a neat freak.

This house is not level, and the something had traveled in my absence…

across the entire floor.

That’s when I discover the dust pan is MIA.


deep breath,

no problem, improvise.

As I slip on my apron so I can mop the floor on my hands and knees

(That’s another story)

Sis walks in and looks at me.

“Wow Mom, you are having quite the morning!”

All of a sudden I feel better.

Not that I was angry,

just feeling stressed about what I might mess up next.

She jumped in and helped and before long the mornings chaos was forgotten.

I didn’t really think about it at the time, but I realized it was her compassion that had saved my day.

Praise the Lord for He has given us others to be a helping hand and a shoulder of comfort in those moments when on your own you just keep burning the bacon!

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity.” Proverbs 17:17



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