Attempt to connect failed


Have you ever been on the Internet and seen this pop up on your screen?

Normally hitting Refresh will do the trick,


Especially when this phrase is relating to life.

Our daughter is dyslexic.

At times, when trying to communicate information to her, the look in her eyes conveys the same as the screen of my computer:
“Attempt to connect failed”

And she is as discouraged as I am when the “Refresh” of effort, memory, and information doesn’t equal understanding.

However we don’t “Shut down”.

Instead we normally try re-inputting, at times from the very beginning.

It’s been years of try to get where we are now and we are not finished learning the way she is programed.

We have learned a lot about persevering.

We have learned that although many don’t understand,  there are a precious group of individuals who go the extra distance to help.

Her History teacher, discovered that giving her the opportunity to hear the test being read a loud while she reads improved her grades.

Her Science teacher called his daughter long – distance because she has a degree in helping kids with learning disabilities, in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of how to help her.

Her Literature teacher who had her visit her home to work on homework after school.

Her Home room teacher, who sat for hours last year working with her on spelling, science, and any other homework she was struggling with.

We are truly blessed to have so many people in her life that have poured their love, time, and energy into encouraging our girl.

Even though she is only 13, she can tell you that being dyslexic means communication is hard.

Being laughed at because it takes twice as long to read a paragraph or instruction can be debilitating.

At times I feel helpless to give her the tools to continue.

Recently we have decided to hire a tutor to help her, her younger sister, and Jase. All of them have learning hindrances.

On top of this a mom from our school has offered to take two hours a week and sit with her own son and our daughter in study hall. Just to help them keep from getting behind.

Since I teach the class our son is in, I am blessed by her sacrifice.

All of this causes me to repent…

For the times I was blaming myself and the Lord for not answering my prayers. 

He has heard everyone of my prayers for our children.

He has heard the prayers of our little ones, who, in frustration and fear, ask for His help with school.

He has understood the pain of failure we feel when yet again a test has been failed.

He has answered.

In wonderful teachers, encouraging classmates, coaches who go the extra mile, family and friends that pray.

As we step out into a new school year, I know that the chances of failure are still present and probable.

But God has given us many options for a reboot and another day to try connecting again.

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