It is easy to take simple things for granted.

As a child I thought nothing of taking a bath every night.

I never was concerned about my clothes being washed.

The thought of food was simply “when” not “if”.

As a child I never thought about it but we lived a comfortable life.

Now that I am an adult I can and am thankful.

My children have had a very different upbringing.

We have lived the majority of their lives in the country.

My kids have been without a bath for the well was nearly dry or the pipes were frozen.

They have learned how to keep their clothes fresh because we were doing the wash once or twice a month.

They understand that to eat means growing the plants, harvesting, and then canning or preparing it so that it will last much longer.

Do we never go to the grocery store?

Are we completely broke that we can’t afford to pay for a load of water?

No, we go shopping but we plan for it since it is a 45 min. drive.

We have paid for water but only when we had to.

Throwing money at a problem isn’t the first thing we try.

Prayer is the first thing when faced with a problem. Then my hubby and I work to discern the best way to tackle the issue.

Sometimes that means hooking up the generator and lights to thaw out the water. Other times it means digging up the yard in search of the pipe that is leaking.

Both of us have always felt that the children were better off learning to work through things that are uncomfortable.

Are we uncaring to the inconvenience of it all?

If anything there are times when I would much prefer the easy comfortable things. But life doesn’t mean having everything handed out as the need arises.

People who feel that life should be provided often become bitter when it isn’t.

Instead I want to be thankful for the everyday basics and to foster that into our children as well.

“Oh come, let us sing to the LORD! Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.” Ps. 95:1-2

As I sit here in fresh clean clothes, satisfied from a healthy breakfast, and ready for my day I can say,

“Praise the Lord for all my blessings!”


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