A good book,
the kind you cherish,
pass on,
buy an extra copy,
(well you get the point.)
is a treasure.

I have noticed that not everyone is equal in their love of the written word and some find it difficult to even imagine liking books.

When I have a student who feels that books are something they are forced to endure it makes me a little sad. (Also determined to find at least one book they will enjoy!)

What a gift we have in so much written word.

We can travel to far countries, be inspired by those who have risked it all, experience an adventure, and understand things that otherwise would go unnoticed in our daily lives simply by reading.

I am so thankful for a Mom that inspired my sister and I to love reading. She read to us before bed and during summers would enroll us in the local library reading program. Leading by example, she read just for the enjoyment of learning.

I have striven to pass this on to our children.

Learning disabilities, sight problems, and general frustration at having to work hard to learn how to read has changed some of the ways I added reading to our daily lives. But the joy of a good book has been passed on to them.

How do I know that they enjoy books?

When I find them on their beds with a book.

When they bring me a book to read together.

Most of all when they quote a verse from the Bible,
the greatest book of all time.

So, I encourage you,
grab a book and read!


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