Early morning

“In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there. ” Mark 1:35


There is something about getting up early and spending time with the Lord alone.

There have been times when that morning quiet was obviously the foundation for the rest of my day.

Because it was a chance to place all of my cares, lists, and worries before the Lord.

At different times our children have expressed desire to pray but felt unable to pray more than a simple “Good morning,  Jesus”.

I always explain that there is nothing wrong with a simple prayer. At times they can be more heartfelt than something composed of long words.

There isn’t a secret formula to speaking with the Lord.

I encourage the kids to read prayers in Bible and then stretch out into their own prayers.

I enjoy greeting my Father first and just expressing my thankfulness at another day and quiet time.

Normally I move on to prayers for my husband and his day.

Asking the Lord to be with him and help him to make wise decisions and to feel strengthened dispite what meets him when he gets to work.

That he would be able to walk with integrity, to be a man of honor.

From there I pray for our children individually.

Asking th Lord for the growth of their character, their school, their relationships, and their knowledge of Him and His word.

After that I ask the Lord for those around me.

Friends, neighbors,  and others I have heard of who are in need one way or another.

It’s rarely the exact same people but more a rotation of those who come to mind.

I try to frequently pray for our country and the return of the knowledge of God, like in the Old Testament.

Sometimes all of this comes secondary to prayer for myself.

When circumstances are pressing or I am in need of guidance I have spent an entire time seeking the answers.

Sometimes I am simply listening.

However my morning takes shape,
I can say I am better off,

Giving the Lord my early morning.


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