Quiet Time

2014-07-31 08.27.17There are times and seasons where it seems nearly impossible to have a quiet time.

Do I tell the child who is throwing up,

“Honey, I’d come help you but right now is quiet time.”

Or what about the afternoon that was scheduled as quiet time and the phone rings. Turns out to be someone in need of a shoulder to cry on or an emergency or a distant relative just stopping in for the night and will be there in five minutes.

Our lives were never meant to be scheduled to the hilt with no room for the people.

How easy it is to get focused on what the calendar or schedule says and push people to the side.

Well, at least it is easy for me to do.

A friend of mine said, “I know, someone always needs you and you are always very busy.”

Then she hugged me and went home.

And I thought to myself–

“What a shame. I have allowed the ‘to dos’ to let my friends feel second to my schedule.”

Then I had to look deeper.

Am I doing that with my children, my husband?

What about time with the Lord?

So I have been trying harder to focus on those in my life who are my friends, family, and the Lord.

To stop what seems to be pressing and ask:

Do I have to do this or is there someone else who might be able to pitch in and help?

Am I giving up a chance to build a relationship if I do this right now?

Lord, is this something You have asked me to do or something I have come up with?

And yes, there are times that I have said, “No, I can’t do that right now.”

What is always encouraging is I know that this is a process and not a formula.

Life is about living not about


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