Sissy with George

(This post was supposed to be published in March. Please forgive my neglect! I hope you enjoy it despite the date.)


That’s one of the nicknames our oldest daughter goes by,

but it certainly isn’t because she is puny or weak.

She hunts, both with a gun and a bow.

She fishes; pond, lake, river, or ocean,

it matters not.
Our oldest girl has often amazed me with her physical abilities.
When younger she was not a stellar athlete but what she didn’t have in size she made up for in “try”.
She has worked her body for basketball all winter,
now that it is spring she is running to stay in shape for track.
Her abilities in sports jumped to a new level because of her “try”.
It can be said that she is strong,
But it is because she has strength of determination to do what is hard,
To practice,
To run,
To give up some things, that would keep her from attaining her goal.

When it was cold and raining she still went running.
She missed out on fun activities with the family to go to practice.
When word of praise came her way she pointed to others who helped her get there.
The one thing she still struggles with is enduring the comments of others.
How is it that someone who can excel in so many areas can be brought down by a single sentence?
Probably because the true strength of character that comes from a humble and quiet spirit is one she is still exercising.

She has forced herself to walk with strength and humility in her attitudes.
Just as her body must be beaten into submission by daily work-outs,
So she is still beating back her thoughts, words, and actions.
I admire her for her continued effort.
Even when it is difficult and she is discouraged she comes back at it,
Goes in for another lap around the track, another chance to forgive, another moment to apologize.
She is a special young woman and one I am proud of.
And not because I am the reason she is the beautiful young lady that lives with me,

but because I know I am not.

Her faith is what has caused her to be able to overcome the struggles, trials, temptations.
And I look forward to the future, to see how the strength she has girded herself with shall help her in adulthood.

“She girds herself with strength, and strengthens her arms.” 31:17

Happy 16th Birthday Sissy!

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