A woman of worth 1

Bethany with kitty“Who can find a virtuous wife?

For her worth is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

As the mother of three daughters I feel responsible to pass along to those behind me in the line called woman, those bits of wisdom I have gleaned from others.

For it is in my heart that my daughters should be the women that God created them to be

Without hindrance from flesh

or the world’s view of what makes a woman.

It is in each of us,

 to be of great worth in the eyes of those we love

First it is Daddy

I watched my little girls

as tiny ones

wheel and twirl to impress their hero: “Daddy”

Then as childhood melts away

they begin to see the eyes of others turn in their direction

They are embarrassed

even shy

but they like the attention

Because in their mind it means they have worth

So I strive to help them

Yes, they have worth

They are precious

to me

and their Daddy

and their extended family

and our friends

But even more than that they have worth to their Heavenly Father who loves them so deeply and calls them so beloved that He sent His Son to die, that they might spend eternity with Him and know Him while on this Earth.

How does this relate to the virtuous wife?

Why would I even look at this verse when teaching my little girls?

Because I too want to be of worth and I feel that Proverbs 31: 10-31 hold a vast wealth of how to be this wonderful woman and it begins right here: women of virtue are rare and worth more than fine jewels.

What is virtue?






These things are not suddenly learned when a girl changes from a child to a young lady

They are taught

 and honed

and polished

And the greatest way I have found is

by example

Am I kind?

Thoughtful, selfless, full of integrity, generous, good?

Not always

but I strive to be so

that my daughters too might choose to live a life

of  virtue

Why hold the standard so high?

We live in a broken and crooked world and they will be hurt, wronged,

They may even fall into the pits that litter the path…

That is where grace comes in.

Those are the times when I hold them, pray for them, listen to them

Love them

Because sin hurts

Brokenness is common

Disappointments are many

But the wonderful thing about Jesus


He forgives when we ask

He heals when we turn

He restores what is


He uses the broken

When we admit the wickedness or bitterness

 held, walked in, entertained

He cleans us


we again are able to

be a


of worth.

For it is He that saw the worth in the first place.

3 thoughts on “A woman of worth 1

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  2. Tresta

    You are doing a good job, mama. Such a treasure He has entrusted you with! I know your ache to “do it right” and also, your trust in the One Who does all things right.

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