reflections (2)I love the water

and how it can reflect the beauty around it,

as you get closer


something comes into view

floating leaves

colorful pebbles

Then stand back

and you see

The sky

The birds

The trees

Memories are like that as well

Looking at something in today can trigger a hint of yester-year

And then as you think on that

another memory

previously lost comes into focus

And you remember again…

I was speaking to one of our girls recently

she was commenting on what a gift her best friend is.

“I am really glad God gave me Catheryn…”

I smiled


Thought of my own childhood best friend

We were friends from the eight grade

(when my folks moved us to the “farm”)

All the way past college

I was in her wedding and she in mine

I still have pictures of our oldest two playing–in the bath tub!

(Don’t tell them!)

We don’t get to spend time together any more

My family moved

Several times

And we just haven’t had the chance to run in the same circles

But the memory is there

And I shall always love her

Her family

Her friendship

I was busy doing

thinking of the grocery list when

The pebbles suddenly came into crisp view…

There was my dear childhood friend!

We hugged


Wished we had more time…

And as I walked toward my car, kids in tow

I smiled

“I’m really glad God gave me…”

To all my dear friends:

Thank you! I treasure each one of you as a gift from God to me.

Love, Hope

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