Pretty in pink

pretty in pinkI know it is early

but February is close enough

to make me want

Construction paper

White lace doilies


Red crayons


And maybe some stickers!


I am not really sure…

(besides that pink is my favorite color!)

But hearts seem to cut out so simply

Long skinny ones

Chubby round ones

Big ones

Little ones

And Valentines don’t have to be just romantic

Greeting cards for a relative

A note from a dear friend


pink construction paper


 in crayon

given with a grin,

a hug,

and sticky candy!

What is nicer than to spend a little time

 making something fun

with words of love

and sweets!

February in my childhood always meant

class parties


and notes from everyone!

As a Mommy

I have many fond memories of parties

at friends’ homes

with a dozen squealing toddlers!

As a wife

I have enjoyed countless vases of flowers

cards and notes.

As an American

I feel blessed that we have a holiday devoted to letting those around us know

they are




So for this February

I’m planning to find the construction paper


Some crayons

Add children


make a memory!

Because love is far more than romance,

and kind words never go out of style,



did I mention

pink is my favorite color?

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