softThere are many things that do not bring to mind “soft”…




sewing needles

However there are many things that can be labeled soft

powdery snow



kitten fur

goose down

baby skin

People can fall into either category:

hard or soft

A soft personality

What are the characteristics for such a person?

Gentle, kind, thoughtful in life.

Someone who listens with an open heart.

An individual that guards their tone as well as the choice of words.

A person who can be reproached without holding a grudge.

On the reverse

A hard personality

What can classify them?

Loud, pushy, demanding, and quarrelsome.

Someone who looks out for their best interest at the expense of those around them.

An individual who vents their emotions, harming others.

A person who is unable to let go the of the wrongs in the past and is blinded by bitterness.

Which am I?


Although I wish it were not so.

The fact is that although I try, diligently, to be soft, kind, lovely there are many times that I am hard, stubborn, afraid and thus angry.

But thankfully I am not this as often as once was.

Through continued polishing by my Savior I have become softer.

Once I heard someone refer to the difficult things in this life as a pot of boiling water.

“Honey, how do you want to come out of this life? Are you an egg or a potato?”

“As the egg is boiled it becomes harder and harder. But that potato-why he is soften up just fine.”

“So I ask you, what are you, Honey?”

By God’s grace I am choosing to become

a potato.



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