2013-11-21 16.16.43“The LORD is my shepherd;

I shall not want.”

Ps. 23:1

As a girl of thirteen I began raising sheep

with my folks and sister.

I learned so much about what a good shepherd means.

First, I learned, you never have a day off,

unless you pay someone else to watch the sheep.

Second, there are so many things you have to be mindful of:

Briars and blackberries which stick in wool and can tangle and trap them.

Crevices and low places such as a slope that can cause them to lose their footing and get upside down.

How to care for their feet, remove their wool, give vaccinations and medicine…

The list goes on.

So much God has taught through this effort of caring for sheep.

Briars and blackberries would not be such a problem if the sheep would stay away from them, but they don’t.

Instead they push their wooly bodies as far into a patch as possible not realizing they are caught

Until they try to go the other way

With each movement they are torn by the very thing they forced themselves into.

Crevices and low places are so very dangerous for a sheep because they can roll into these and end up laying flat on their back.

Once a sheep is on their back they give up and although nothing is physically wrong with them, they will die if they are not turned over quickly.

A sheep allowed to lie on its back for too long can die even once it has been righted.


Normally because they refuse to stand up and move.

It’s almost like they think they are no longer able.

Physical needs of caring for their bodies taught a relentless careful eye is needed.

And I have often reflected that if I can keep watch over an animal how much more is the Father keeping watch over me?

I can truly thank the Lord, for He is my shepherd, and

I can trust completely

in Him.

2 thoughts on “Shepherd

  1. Sharon Brooks

    May I never take you’re
    beautiful love for granted.
    May it always delight my
    heart when it senses you’re
    Never to worry, knowing you
    walk with me;
    that you’re peace is my peace
    unwavering and steady…
    just like you’re love.

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